Conference on The Impact of Violence on Health & Education

This conference will examine the multifaceted effects of violence throughout the lifespan and present proactive measures to mitigate adverse outcomes, especially focusing on gun violence, school violence, and sexual and gender-based violence.  In preparation for this forum, Fordham University’s Institute for Women & Girls and the international Health Awareness Network (IHAN) will open a call for student policy papers and research posters that will contribute to the multi generational dialogue surrounding the impact of violence on health and education.  A panel of faculty and community leaders will review each submission.  The three top papers will be presented at the October conference.  Anyone is invited to view the live stream of the conference.  Sponsored by the Graduate School of Social Service 

Saturday, October 27, 9:00am-1:00pm, Live-streamed from Lincoln Center to the Westchester Campus in Room 228.