Contribute to the Gratitude Tree

In preparation of the Fordham Westchester Fall Gratitude Reception on Thursday, November 10 – the Westchester campus has put up a Gratitude Tree.  All administration, faculty, staff, students and visitors are encouraged to write something they are grateful for on one of the provided multicolored leaves.  After writing your message, please tape your gratitude leaf to the tree.
The Gratitude Tree is located on the ground floor just off the lobby by the elevator. The leaves are in a basket next to the tree along with pens and tape. Please help us fill our Gratitude Tree so that it is in full bloom for the Fall Gratitude Reception on November 10th.
The Gratitude Tree and Fall Gratitude Reception are to celebrate:
175 Years of Fordham University
40 Years of Fordham in Westchester
100 Years of the Graduate School of Education
100 Years of the Graduate School of Social Service