Fond Farewell to Retirees

Recently, Fordham University offered voluntary separations or early retirements.  Nine employees on the Fordham Westchester campus took advantage of the program and celebrations took place throughout the summer to honor these valuable members of the community.

The nine individuals included:
Angela Belsole (Grants and Special Projects Manager/GSS),  Arthur Buckley (Security Supervisor), James Cook (Security Supervisor),  Vincenza Corcoran (Director of Field Placements/GSS), Robert Davan (Security Supervisor), Gail Davenport (Assistant Director Field Placements/GSS), Diane Deery (Director of Fordham Westchester Library),  Aida Lau (Academic Support/GSS), Eleanor McKenna (Financial Services Representative).

In the picture, four of the nine individuals are seen celebrating their retirements are are from left to right: Vincenza Corcoran, Aida Lau, Gail Davenport, and Angela Belsole.