Healthcare Workshop Series: Intensive Experience in Healthcare Innovation at Fordham Westchester

Fordham Healthcare Workshop Series (1)The Intensive Experience in Healthcare Innovation is a series of weeknight sessions for those with a more professional interest and Saturday morning sessions that are more focused for a general public audience. All the workshop topics are based on intensive interviews with current senior healthcare professionals.

Who Should Attend?  The workshops are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the key dynamics of the current healthcare industry. The sessions for industry professionals on data analytics, information technology and healthcare policy and regulation will include more hands on experience, while the introductory sessions on healthcare marketing and social media, teambuilding and effective communication and navigating the healthcare system will provide a substantive initial understanding of the areas presented.

All of the workshops will provide vital insights into the current healthcare arena and will be valuable not only for people already in healthcare careers but those who are considering transitioning to the field or work in healthcare related industries including lawyers, commercial real estate professionals, public officials, journalists and healthcare focused bloggers. Attendees will be provided with a cultural introduction and generalist view that will allow them to align themselves in a healthcare setting.

Participants will be given the opportunity to meet decision makers in the present world of healthcare mergers and changing models of care giving and will gain a broad-spectrum understanding of the changes taking place in the traditional roles of professionals in healthcare organizations.

What Will Be Covered? The Workshops create the opportunity to discuss the specific changes taking place in the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare. Specific topics covered include:

  • social team building and effective communication in the new healthcare marketplace
  • ethics
  • health policy
  • regulation
  • data analytics
  • information technology
  • marketing in the era of social media

This program of study was designed after in-depth, face-to-face interviews and review by senior executives in major healthcare organizations across a broad range of settings in the New York region, including: hospitals, major ambulatory care sites, large multi-specialty and focused specialty physician practices, and visiting nurse, home health and healthcare industry trade associations. The CEOs and senior administrators of these major regional stakeholders in healthcare delivery have shared the benefit of their experience, well-reasoned ideas and a list of immediate needs for a focused and state-of-the-art academic response.

Participants may enroll in one or more workshops. Those who complete all six will receive a certificate of completion for the program.

Fall 2015 Workshops

Registration Information

For more information, contact:

Harry Barrett, D.Min., MPH                                                                                                                             Director,Curriculum Development in Healthcare and Health Services Administration                                               Fordham School of Professional and Continuing Studies                                                      | (914) 367-3301

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