Random Acts of Kindness @ Westchester (pay it forward for Lent)

In the spirit of the Lenten season, Fordham Westchester is promoting random acts of kindness. We all need a little cheering up now and then even though Fordham Westchester was the Top Workplace in 2016!  There are two ways to contribute to our random acts of kindness.
Option #1
There is a “hand tree” in the lobby by the elevator.  Take one of the paper hands and post anything on the tree such as:
  • A positive message or quote
  • A random act of kindness that you received
  • A random act of kindness that you gave
  • A thought, a prayer or piece of advice
  • Leave a thank you to someone
Option #2
Take one of the random acts of kindness cards on the table by the “hand tree.”  Then perform a random act of kindness. Give the card to the person who received your random act of kindness and ask them to pay it forward.
Fordham Westchester appreciates all of our wonderful faculty, staff and students.  Let’s make our thoughtful and caring community even stronger!